From the administrative building to individually furnished apartments.

The reconstruction

A gem nestled in the heart of Lübeck: The ornate entrance on Königstraße unveils stunning high ceilings and majestic arches, echoing an age-old design elegance.

Constructed in 1880, this grand edifice originally served as the headquarters for the “Deutsche Lebensversicherungs-Gesellschaft”. After a period of dormancy, it's now been rejuvenated, unveiling its splendor for all to see.

Exterior view of the historic building
Historical Ambience
Light flooded rooms

Planning & modification

After around two years of planning and renovation, the first stage was completed in May 2021: Eight apartments can now be booked as a boarding house for guests from Germany and abroad for short and longer stays.

A lion's head adorns its logo, and in many of the building's historical details, from the handrail holder to the wall painting.

The name also resonates with a rich history: The apartments were named after Arved von Wedderkop, former monastery provost of Uetersen and descendant of Magnus von Wedderkop, whose grave is in Lübeck Cathedral.